I’ve been working with the Long Beach Aquatic Capital of America Foundation as a pro-bono project, helping promote their cause to raise funds to support “water proofing” the local youth (making kids water-safe around pools, etc.). This past week, the organization announced its third Aquatic Athlete of the Year winner at its first-ever awards dinner: winner release posted here on Pitch Engine.

The dinner was hosted by the Long Beach law firm Keesal, Young & Logan in their beautiful dining room space overlooking the harbor and port. We secured some great local coverage for the event, including some kind reprints of my press releases by Long Beach Post and Everything Long Beach.

On the business front, I’m working on upgrading this WordPress site over the next couple of weeks, thanks to some of my Plaza office neighbors. Tim Mercer of Tim Mercer Design is providing me some great branding support, and my pal Russ Turley of the wildly popular Fat 2 Fit Radio is sharing some coding support and general morale-boosting “you can do it”-ness.

Finally, a quick comment on my Long Beach Parks and Recreation role. It was a lengthy public discussion at our November meeting last week about locations for the proposed El Dorado Park dog park. Ultimately, the Commission unanimously approved the “Tree Farm” location. In my opinion, the benefits of having the dog park built from scratch – from grading to “grassing” – is far superior to adding a fence to an existing public park space and setting the dogs and owners loose. And, of course, I would not support an initiative that takes existing, actively used public park space out of play. Hopefully the group raising funds for this public-private partnership will be successful now that a location has been identified.

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