Our Bike Long Beach PR outreach campaign has been focusing on safety, and yesterday we announced a “Walk It or Lock It” intitiative — a name I helped coin — to remind bike riders to keep off the sidewalks in our districts. Some of the nice coverage includes:

  • Long Beach Press Telegram: http://www.presstelegram.com/news/ci_18784977 – The city has launched a “Walk It Or Lock It” campaign to inform bicyclists that riding on sidewalks in busy commercial districts is illegal under city ordinances.
  • Long Beach Post: http://www.lbpost.com/life/staffreports/12267 – The Long Beach bike safety survey, conducted over the past few months, has revealed that while many residents (95 percent) know that bicyclists should ride in the same direction as traffic, only three out of four know that it’s illegal to ride bikes on the sidewalks in Long Beach business districts. 

In addition to having Bike Long Beach as a client, I have a personal interest in getting bike riders to walk them on sidewalks as my mom was injured many years ago when she was hit by a cyclist on a San Diego sidewalk. I know that she still suffers from lower back issues because of the injuries she suffered in that accident.

As to biking in Long Beach, I agree with commenters on other sites that Long Beach still isn’t doing enough to promote itself as a bike-friendly destination. USA Today recently listed 10 bike-friendly vacation spots, and the “source” they used seemed to have been reading names of cities from a 2006 list, citing many of the usual suspects (Austin, Minneapolis) but not mentioning our fair town. So those efforts to change national travel opinions are still going to take some work.

The “bike friendly” amenities needed for a great travel review are there, but now the CVB needs to get everyone on board to start aggressively pitching the “come bike in Long Beach” story to travel writers, bloggers and other influencers. Only a coordinated effort among the Queen Mary, the Aquarium, the dining and lodging community, and the CVB — working with the support of the Bike Long Beach PR team — will accomplish this.