I posted a quick “what I’ve been doing lately” update on the news page: http://www.rantonette.com/news/

The short version: Together with The Wolcott Company, R. Antonette Communications is implementing a road safety awareness initiative for Bike Long Beach (Long Beach, Calif.); and in partnership with Be In The News and The Wolcott Company, is piloting a tourism marketing initiative for the City of Claremont, Calif. I’ve also been doing copywriting for a couple local clients, as well as “ghost writing” for an international consumer electronics company. (Long story!) I also have found jobs and projects for a few indies recently … paying it forward.

I believe there’s a sweet spot out there for independents: Mid-sized companies that don’t have 180 monthly hours of senior-level work to hire someone full-time (salary + benefits), but could use someone smart and experienced for 1/3rd of that time. I’m continuing to focus on that area, as well as pairing together with “subject matter experts” from my network to support clients with specific needs.

Last week I had the pleasure of hearing digital expert Gary Goldhammer of Velocidi speak about digital truths. Gary and I met years and years ago at some Orange County PRSA function, and I know him to be very smart. His presentation was entertaining and informative … and it really got me thinking.

When I worked at one multinational agency, that organization was focused on having  its offices include the agency’s digital experts in presentations to sell and comment on digital trends. My experience was these folks could talk about “new” tactics — the ones that wow clients who don’t read Techcrunch — but inevitably the effort was to sell agency services and not impact communications strategy. So inevitably I would just write the digital strategy and tactics myself, and then add our expert’s bio.

Sure enough, Gary’s presentation reinforced something that I’ve always preached: To know digital is to know business. He said, “Digital is not marketing. It is the Strategic Driver.”

Exactly! A company’s digital strategy isn’t about adding video and 140-character texts into the marketing mix, it’s about how the entire organization incorporates the tools into their everyday approach. Those strategic discussions start at the C-level and involve leaders from across the company – sales, marketing, production, HR, customer service, legal. (I know PR people hate to admit it, but active engagement with legal and HR  = long-term success with an organization.)

We’ve all talked to prospects who ask, How do I improve my website (AP Style: one word), or use Facebook better? But the first question we should be asking back is, How do you improve your overall communications platform?