Today was Geyser Day, as we drove and saw sights along the southwestern corner of the park, en route to Old Faithful.

The family helped compile this list of all we saw and did today:

– Saw an eagle's nest atop a burned-out tree, with what may have been mama eagle sitting in it.

– Watched a raven swoop high overhead.

– Had lunch at the Old Faithful Inn, and admired the views from the Lodge's picture windows.

– Saw an osprey flying over a river, looking for its next prey.

– Walked through the pungent, escaped steam of geysers we attempted to rename, K. and I not content with the names given them long ago.

– Stopped to view several elk grazing in a meadow, close enough for us to have a conversation with them if the elk wanted to. (They didn't … just ignored us.)

– Saw a lone bison, and later the rest of its herd.

– Walked along the rocks in the Madison River, the swimming holes not yet opened due to the high water level.

– Saw Old Faithful erupt. Twice. The second time, we happened to be at the Old Faithful sign for a family picture when it suddenly (and by that, I mean a couple of minutes early) roared to life. Nice.

Aw, Yellowstone, you didn't disappoint. (And, West Yellowstone, you are feeding us well at Beartooth BBQ tonight – yum!) Tomorrow we take the grand circuit north through the park.