Odometer check: 2076.6 miles.

It's day 12, and we seemed to have left the June Gloom, clouds and rain behind at last. (Well, for now anyway.) The sky is blue, the trees green, the grasses varied green and brown hues — some of which I am apparently color blind to — and the Clark Fork River that runs along I-90 shimmers with white caps. Far ahigh and ahead, snow still tops some of Montana's peaks.

Missoula was another of those lovely, American towns with streets named after trees, large wood and brick homes, and a downtown district that remains vital some hundred years after its founding. We drove around the campus area (Univ. of Montana), which was summer quiet, though we did find a crowd outside in the 52 degree night at the nearby ice cream shop.

We dined at the Iron Horse Pub and Grill, probably our last "local" stop for a few nights. I also picked up a Missoula Osprey shirt, though I didn't opt for the "Arizona Diamondbacks affiliate" version.

We saw "Up" in 3-D in Missoula, paying $40 for the four of us, including the surcharge for the glasses. Lest you think that was a good price (it is), popcorn prices STARTED at $6 for a small. I thought we were going to spared that charge, but about 25 min. into the film, P. started lobbying for popcorn. Loudly.

I don't know if the kids will remember much of the trip, but I'm sure they will remember moments like the sun still being low in the sky at 9:40 pm.

Lunch today in Butte, and then off on the Yellowstone road.